Ma, En Yu

Hi 你好! I’m Ma, En Yu who is a graphic designer, and I’m currently located in Bay Area, California, with borderless creativity, various skills and a sincere heart, and I always keep myself moving in the design field. Let’s move together!


In Mandarin, my last name, Ma (馬) means a horse, which strongly represents the energy while I’m designing. I always keep myself moving, learning, exploring…until an exceptional piece of work is created.

I love working with people, listening to their story and using my hands to try things out. I love printed projects, illustrations, handmade works, motion graphics and exhibition designs.

This time, let’s move together to create beautiful piece of work and astonish people!


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San José State University
︎︎︎ BFA Graphic Design
Graduated: Summer 2022
Magna Cum Laude

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe
XD, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Figma, Fusion
360, Invision, HTML, CSS

Soft Skill:
Presentation, Communication,
Collaboration, Leadership, Creativity,
Transparency, Hard-working

Mandarin, English, Japanese (learning)

Black Spartans Exhibition (1907-1948)
Spring 2022
San José State University Library (The Jennifer
and Philip DiNapoli Exhibit Gallery),
San José, CA
︎︎︎ Visual Communications Designer

Imagine That. We’re Ready.
Spring 2022
San José State University (Ballroom),
San José, CA
︎︎︎ Exhibit Designer
Spring 2023–Present / New York, NY
︎︎︎ Graphic Design Freelancer

Light of Morning Star Studio
Winter 2022–Present / Fremont, CA
︎︎︎ Multimedia Designer

Summer 2022 / San Francisco, CA
︎︎︎ Creative Intern

San José State University Library
Fall 2021–Spring 2022 / San José, CA
︎︎︎ Visual Communications Designer

Summer 2021 / San José, CA
︎︎︎ Graphic Design Intern


The Future of Short-Form Content:
YouTube Shorts
Summer 2022
Sephora, San Francisco, CA

Senior Show:
Different Howls from America and China
Summer 2022
San José State University, San José, CA

Roku Packaging Design:
Influencer Kit
Summer 2021
Roku, San José, CA

Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC):
Axolotl Scaffold
Spring 2022
San José State University, San José, CA

NVIDIA Inc. Shark Tank: Natura
Spring 2021
San José State University, San José, CA


ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 Conference
Spring 2022
A movie title sequence for The Mummy (1997)
was featured in ACM SIGGRAPH 2022
Conference in Canada.

Dean’s Scholar
Spring 2021

Cynthia Kuo Scholar
Spring 2019