Ma, En Yu

Hi 你好! I’m Ma, En Yu who is a graphic designer, and I’m currently located in Bay Area, California, with borderless creativity, various skills and a sincere heart, and I always keep myself moving in the design field. Let’s move together!


Black Spartans (1907-1948)
Exhibition Design

︎︎︎ Teammate: Carli V. Lowe, Kate Steffens,  Yeab Kebede, Luis Garcia, Mariah Ramsour and Lesley Seacrist (Manager)
︎︎︎ Tool: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
︎︎︎ Duration: 1.5 months (Spring 2022)
Collaborated with my colleages to build up Black Spartans (1907-1948), which the 19 Black Spartans were featured in the exhibit pursued their educational goals while contending with institutionalized racism and other major crises of the 20th century. "Black Spartans (1907-1948)" is an invitation to the community in surfacing these stories, ensuring these histories are preserved and presented in a way that honors these students’ lives.

︎︎︎ Check their stories here

︎︎︎ Entry and exhibition

︎︎︎ Check their stories here

︎︎︎ Work process