Ma, En Yu

Hi 你好! I’m Ma, En Yu who is a graphic designer, and I’m currently located in Bay Area, California, with borderless creativity, various skills and a sincere heart, and I always keep myself moving in the design field. Let’s move together!


Awana Clubs
Brochure Design

︎︎︎ Teammate: Grace Ma, Lan Zhao and Yeefun Chung
︎︎︎ Tool: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop
︎︎︎ Duration: 1.5 month (Spring 2023)
Created a triple fold brochure with two versions (English and Chinese version) for First Morning Light Chinese Christian Church to promote the Christian kid’s program, Awana, to the community in Sunnyvale, California.

︎︎︎ Triple fold brochure (English version)

︎︎︎ Bookmark

︎︎︎ Bookmark and triple fold brochures (English and Chinese version)

︎︎︎ Work process